Kalamazoo Farmer’s Market

2023 Zoo City
Vendor Application

The Zoo City Farm and Food Network is a local food policy council, industry association and network of urban growers, folk artisans micro retailers, cottage food businesses and conscientious consumers. 

We are currently taking applications for being a vendor through us at the Kalamazoo Farmers Market. We will release the schedule on April 7, 2023.

How it works

There are two ways that you can represent your business at the Farmer’s Market though us!

Become a Featured Vendor

Sell your products direct to consumers at the Kalmazoo Farmer's Market.
Complete Vend0r Application

Sell in bulk to us

Sell a bulk purchase of your products to us via wholesale where we then aggregate and resell it! Our pricing formula is cost (labor + materials) *2 for wholesale pricing. For customized products made specifically for the Zoo City Boxes- And 67% retail price for bulk sales of produce, home chef meals, artisan and retail products.

You must be a member of the Zoo City Farm and Food Network.

Market Memberships are $275. This allows you to attend market four times over the course of the season as a featured vendor, have access to our market set up and promotional materials, be advertised on our website and social media and sell through our online system over the course of the season! All of this in addition to the benefits of having a general membership! 

If you are unable to pay the $275, we are also willing to barter $275 worth of products from your business.

Our goal is to create a direct pathway to your participation in the Kalamazoo Farmer’s Market for those that don’t have the capacity to attend weekly or that have never utilized this outlet as a means to promote your business. 

We hope to support you in expanding your business so that you may become a vendor at the market on your own!

Farmer's Market 2023 Zoo City Vendor Application

Farmers Market runs 7am-2pm May 6th-November 18th

Please be at Market prior to the 7am start time to set up.

Cottage food businesses: you must get a temporary license through the Kalamazoo County Health Department to sell direct to consumer on the date that you designate. You will also be required to take the Cottage Food Business training class or demonstrate that you have already taken it. 

We will guide you through that process. 

Artisans: Please let us know what you need if you are planning a live demonstration on your dates. 

Growers: In some instances, we will work directly with local chefs, home cooks and small businesses to sell your products. Please identify what you are growing the name of your growing space/urban farm and the address. You will need a logo and a farm name.